Gold 24-25 Days Maktab B

Embark on an extended and enriching pilgrimage with our Gold 24-25 Days Maktab D Hajj Package, meticulously designed for those seeking an extended spiritual journey with unparalleled comfort and convenience. This comprehensive package features distinguished accommodations, including the esteemed Sofitel ex Shahd Al Madinah in Madinah, the iconic Swissotel / Swissotel Al Maqam in Makkah, and the peaceful Standard Building in Azizia.

Commence your spiritual sojourn in Madinah, where the Sofitel ex Shahd Al Madinah awaits to provide a luxurious and tranquil retreat near the Prophet’s Mosque. Immerse yourself in the rich historical and spiritual tapestry of Madinah while enjoying the opulence and impeccable services offered by this esteemed hotel.

In Makkah, find solace in the iconic Swissotel / Swissotel Al Maqam, where contemporary luxury meets traditional hospitality. Revel in breathtaking views of the holy city and indulge in world-class amenities, creating the perfect environment for reflection and preparation as you approach the sacred rites of Hajj.

Transition to Azizia, where the Standard Building offers a serene and comfortable atmosphere for contemplation and spiritual focus. Enjoy the convenience of proximity to the sacred sites, ensuring a harmonious balance between spiritual reflection and modern comfort.

Embark on this 24-25-day pilgrimage, where each moment is carefully crafted to enrich your spiritual connection and provide an extended period of devotion and reflection. May your journey be graced with divine blessings, tranquility, and the fulfillment of a truly transformative Hajj experience.

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